Jan 19, 2023

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Trenna Probert, the founder of Super Fierce, has created a social enterprise that links deep financial smarts with her heart-fueled mission to empower Australians to age with dignity and women to control their financial future.

With her life experience in designing institutional investments; running strategy for a global private bank; GM for an independent advice business; and as a woman who started life again at 34, she is passionate about arming women with the financial confidence and tools they need.

We asked Trenna to give us a glimpse into why she’s so passionate about this aspect of life.

WIB: Why Super Fierce?

I wanted to make financial freedom simple. That’s Super Fierce.

We’re not a bank or a super fund. Super Fierce is powered by decades of financial expertise. We’re focused on helping women become financially free to live the life they deserve. We start with superannuation, helping Australians find a low-cost, high-performing fund to maximise their investment.

So far, we have helped the average woman save over $100,000 in their lifetime by ditching excessive fees and switching their investments into a better-performing superannuation fund.

There’s a fierce-looking future with that kind of saving. That’s a lot of brunches. Or champagne. Or holidays. It’s whatever they want it to be.

We encourage them to take action because the change they make today means they can do whatever they want tomorrow.

WIB: Is there still time for women to become financially independent?

It’s never too late, and the best time to start is today – wherever you are in your journey – even if it’s a 1% improvement, that’s more than 0. What you do with your finances and your superannuation now can have a significant impact on your future life and ability to take care of yourself when you need it most.

WIB: Why is it important for older women to take charge of their finances?

Crucial life stages later in life leave older women vulnerable – divorce, death of a partner, retirement on low super balances. It’s important to know all about your financial situation as you move through these stages. Ask yourself questions like; how much money have I got, where is it, and how do I access it if my situation changes? And have this conversation with your financial others. That’s your partner, children, bank, superfund, investment institutions etc.

WIB: What is your key message for women as they age? 

Regardless of age, burying your head in the sand and expecting someone else to take care of your finances leaves you wide open for unwelcome surprises.

Many women feel overwhelmed with the task, but managing your finances isn’t hard, everyone can do it whether they’re good at figures or not.

It’s so empowering and help is always available. The key is to ask questions, be informed by informed people or experts and if you are still unsure, ask more questions.