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Women in Bloom – LIVE

As a woman, navigating your life at any stage can be overwhelming and challenging. It can however, be beautiful and welcomed, when guided by others who are willing to share, educate and inform. Women in Bloom is a wellness event series created to guide you through these times of change, rediscovery and opportunity.

Starting on the Gold Coast, each event includes a selection of experts in women’s health, wellness, personal styling, beauty and finance. These experiences are designed to open doors to new skills and opportunities specifically for you.

These are empowering, inspiring and informative events, so we encourage you to leave any limiting beliefs at the door. Yes, we all have them!

Join us and expose yourself to the thrill of new ideas and information. Help you be you, own you, and discover empowerment in ways you never believed possible.

It’s been a ‘man’s world’, but it’s ours too – and it’s time we stood up and played a bigger role. Women in Bloom are smart, beautiful, caring, fun loving, bold, nurturing and so much more! Let’s be the wise women of our community, inspire younger women and have a great time in the process. Everyone has untapped power, wisdom and potential just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed, so come along and make it happen!

This is all about you, and whether you’re 45 or 85, it’s never too late to join us at our fun and fabulous Women in Bloom events.


Women in Bloom (August 2022) – Testimonials

Meet the Founders

Annie Millar, the Women in Bloom concept creator, is a beauty expert with 40 years experience in the beauty industry. She’s a life coach, beauty therapist, makeup artist and teacher and is currently the Beauty and Lifestyle Editor for Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Annie is a pro-age advocate and is passionate about creating opportunities to support and celebrate Women in Bloom.

Michelle Brodie, born in Reno Nevada, USA moved to Adelaide Australia at the age of 9. Her parents, part of the golden era of the entertainment industry seeded her passion in events.

After obtaining a Degree in Marketing she took up an Event Manager role in Sydney completing over 250 events in her first 12months for companies like Nintendo Australia, David Jones & headed hunted by Fox Studios.

After the successful delivery of more than 700 events and 25 global virtual events she has created Atlas Events Group.

A company that can create automated systems for rapid growth, gained through engaging digital marketing, executed by events.

This led to her partnering with Annie Millar to create an assembly of women over 40, building a community, connecting at Women in Bloom events across Australia. With the menopause demographic earmarked to hit 1 billion globally by 2025 they are positioned to be leaders in the space. Empowering the once invisible demographic to own the asset many are now interested in – them.